Jonathan Brewer, RN, BSN
Jonathan Brewer, RN, BSN
Registered Nurse
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Primary Location
North Central - Austin
Bachelor of Science, Nursing Texas State University - Round Rock, Texas
About Me

Jonathan Brewer was inspired to become a nurse as he watched his grandparents navigate the health system. He says the nurses were always able to explain care options in layman's terms and offer the most sincere support. As a registered nurse, he goes deep into the details of health needs and goals with people he cares for and likes to personally call them from time to time for follow ups and offer advice on preventative care. He sees his primary role as an educator but encourages every person in his care to take ownership of personal health. 

Jonathan was attracted to the urgency and uncertainty of emergency rooms, so he spent six years working in one at St. David’s Medical Center in Austin, Texas. There, he was a nurse supervisor, cared for a diverse population and communicated with patients, family members and members of the medical team. He later served as a home health nurse, where he focused on patient education and safety, wound care, hospice care, bereavement management and after life care. Jonathan believes nutrition is the foundation of health. He also prioritizes his own mental health needs, loves to cook new recipes for family and friends and plays kickball in his church league.