Morgan Parker
Morgan Parker
Health Coach
General Medicine
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Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and Policy Pennsylvania State University - University Park, Pennsylvania
About Me

Morgan Parker takes an individualized approach to guiding people on their health journeys and encourages them to take ownership of their own health. She has many years of experience in the wellness industry and is a certified personal trainer, certified fitness nutrition specialist and certified Pilates instructor. She uses a holistic method as she coaches, supports and educates the people in her care. She creates a comfortable environment that allows people to come to her with any challenges, and she works alongside them to create fitness, nutrition and stress management solutions.

Morgan has worked as a health coach in fitness facilities and a tech company. She also spent time serving at a nonprofit nutrition clinic in London, England helping people who were HIV positive. Morgan looks at her own health holistically as well, finding a balance among things that nourish and fuel her body and soul. She exercises, but gives herself grace when her body needs rest. She loves surrounding herself with friends and family, spending time in nature and watching romantic comedy movies.