Who inspired this new way to flourish?

People who are about people.

The Harbor Health team provides healthcare in Austin, TX

Harbor was created by people with decades of experience who wanted health to actually—and finally—work. Today, we’re realizing our shared vision. From those who give health to those who figure out how to pay for it, we’re all working together to run this totally new model of co-created health in Austin.

We are a company that is better aligned with society's interests—taking care of people before we get sick, not just when we are sick!

Clay Johnston
Chief Medical Officer
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The most valuable exchange in health is the connection between the person who needs care and the person who provides it. That's why we're building an experience that allows for true human connections.

Marcia Miller
Chief Marketing Officer
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We are excited to start this concept in Austin, TX—a market that many of us know well and one that is embracing this new model of care.

Rhonda Mundhenk
Chief Operations Officer
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At Harbor, we use technology to uncover and guide us to smarter health paths so that people can truly get and stay well.

Jon Kawa
Chief Technology Officer
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Our whole team is passionate about making the entire health system work better for consumers so that we all can achieve optimal health.

Tony Miller
Chief Executive Officer

Adailen Lopez

Amy Workman

Andrea Gabel

Andrea Hernandez

Angela Aston

Angie Holm

Angie Taylor

Aroldo Ibarra

Arturo Robles

Ashley Miller

Ashlyn Anthony Garone

Baleigh Blankenship

Billy Davis

Brandon Aucunas

Brandon Halvorson

Brian Beutner

Brianda Ojeda

Brigham Godfrey

Cheyenne Whylie

Clay Johnston

Connor Lund

Cory Thorson

Cristian Solorio

Daniel Goldberg

Dano Gillam

Diane Rutledge Plas

Edgar Navarro Garza

Elisa Santiago

Elliot Brown

Eric Scott

Evan Tetzlaff

Felicia Ramos

Gary Stanford

Gatlin Johnson

Hallie Lucas

Hannah Morehouse

Holly Murphy

Jayniesha Crenshaw

Jeff Humphreys

Jeff Steinberg

Jennifer Lazaro

Jocelyn Sarkaria

Jodie Pepin

Jon Kawa

Jonathan Brewer

Jonathan Randall

Julisa Rodriguez

Kara Rios

Karen Diaz

Karla Jurado

Kerry Peden

Kim Cuddy

Kimberly Vasquez

LAShay Jackson

Laura Smith

Laurie Gilmore

Lizeth Mendez

Luci Leykum

Marcia Miller

Meagan Williams

Mia Serrano

Miranda Trevino

Molly Witt

Morgan Parker

Nancy Quiroz

Nikishia Hunter

Nikki Sevey

Ordrella Patterson

Patrick Murphy

Paula Sheldon

Rachel Hardegree

Rhonda Mundhenk

Robert Gullikson

Rose Lewis

Sam Avila

Sara Mueller

Sarai Castillo

Shakell Newton

Stephanie Morgan

Stephanie Powell

Stephen Blair

Thelma Fisher

Tim Raducha-Grace

Tina Hess

Tony Miller

Verenise Campos-Salazar

Veronica Escobedo-Brown

Veronica Ibanez

Veronica Rodriguez

Walter Anderson

Yvonne Bazen

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