Flourishing begins with co-creating health.

Let’s get after your goals.

We replaced guesswork with great work to co-create the smartest health path for you. To do just that, you and your dedicated Health Team dig into: 1.) Your health goals; 2.) Heaps of historical data; 3.) Insights gathered from decades of experience.

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Your own dedicated
Harbor Health
dream team.

A coach, a medical doctor and a nurse who are all about you.

You’ll never have to go it alone.

No matter what, your dedicated Health Team travels with you on your co-created health journey. Need to see a specialist in mental health, endocrinology, cardiology or something else? At Harbor, we don’t just simply refer you to one and wish you the best. Your core, dedicated Health Team pulls specialists into the conversation as needed so we can collectively map out the best health journey with you.

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Your Coach

Your coach is your go-to person. This expert brings your core Health Team together at the right time to help you make the right choice for your health journey.

Your Medical Doctor

Your medical doctor gets to know you well beyond your medical chart. Choice by choice, they co-create health with you, tapping specialists when needed.

Your Nurse

Your nurse will check more than your vitals. This person will get to know what’s vitally important to you, keeping all of the details top-of-mind for all as you go.

Ready to co-create health?

We’re ready whenever you are.

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Expertise at your fingertips.

When you go with Harbor, you’ve got a healthy mix of support that’s here for you whenever you need it:

  • Same-day or next-day appointments
  • Convenient clinic location
  • Virtual visits
  • Access to a nurse 24/7
  • Extended hours
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Ready to start flourishing?

One of our dedicated Health Teams is ready to co-create health with you. Click or call to get started.